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octombrie 14, 2020
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Duplexvent DV72 EC


Technical Data

Rated voltage ~230 V
Frequency 50 Hz / 60 Hz
Input power max 150 W
Maximum flow (Free Discharge) 280 m3/h
Dimensions (W x H x D) [mm] 560 x 635 x 260
Duct diameter [mm] 125
Filter class EU3
Weight 14 kg
Protection degree IPX2
Thermal efficiency up to (up to %) 94%

Product description

Duplexvent DV72EC is designed to provide constant volume ventilation levels to exceed the latest Building Regulations.

The DUPLEXVENT series recovers warmth from extracted air which would otherwise go to waste, filters it and returns it to the building mixed with incoming fresh air.

Compact and lightweight, it is quick and easy to install inside a cupboard or in the loft. The unit is controlled by a three speed manual switch with two additional remote sensor inputs available for “On Demand” activation by (optional) Humidity, Co2, Timer or Motion sensors.

All air flow rate settings are 100% variable on installation to suit dwelling requirements.

DV72 ventilation units with heat recovery incorporate state-of-the-art lightweight composite exchanger technology.

Designed to provide both essential ventilation in increasingly air tight homes and to save money through its intelligent heat recovery system, they are a cost effective and environmentally friendly option for residential applications


  • Saves energy, improves indoor climate
  • Up to 94% heat recovery
  • Compact, lightweight, one-man installation
  • Fits a standard 600mm wide cupboard or in loft/basement
  • Mounts vertically or horizontally
  • High efficiency polypropylene counter flow exchanger
  • Complete with EU3 supply and extract air filters
  • Easy access to washable filters
  • Five air flow settings up to a maximum of 280 m3/hr
  • Two year warranty upgradeable to three years on-line.

A unit providing both superior ventilation
and excellent heat recovery of up to 94%…

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